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Gabe appears to be in his own world, but

March 1 2008 at 4:06 PM
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Response to The longer you live

...we just get down on his level on the floor in front of the TV and sing along with Elmo and Oscar the Grouch and he looks at us and laughs his head off and gives us this look like, "Wow! You know these songs, too?" He gets so excited when we do that. And although it is hard to communicate with him, he's definitely taking it all in. I didn't realize that at first until one morning he was watching Elmo sing Elmo's World and I was looking around for his sippy cup. I said, kind of to myself because it was obvious he was wrapped up in the show, "Now where in the world is your juice cup, Gabe." Without looking at me, he went over to the side of the room where he'd put his cup on a shelf and picked it up and brought it to me, still without looking away from the TV. I was flabbergasted. He's a smart little booger--you can tell by the way he plays with his toys and the different routines he has developed. He just can't share his world with us. So we just co-exist side by side and love him. And when people in restaurants look over at us in annoynace when he sings the alphabet at the top of his lungs, we smile at them as if to say, isn't he great? And I'd never think of him as an animal.... unless maybe a little lamb or a jabbering monkey. *-)

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