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one day we grow up and realize it was daddy all along

March 25 2008 at 4:30 PM
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Response to Well Striver

Santa is only a dissapointment if we never had anyone in our lives play santa and give us gifts as santa would: Grown ups sooner rather than later find out that GIVING THEIR CHILDREN the joy of CHRISTMAS is even better than having experienced it for themselves: MOTTO? IT is better to give than to receive:

same with JESUS:

throw out the story of Jesus with dissapointment or GROW IN THE SPIRIT TILL You realize JESUS is every MAN that is ANOINTED within his heart by the BLOOD OF GOD, his LOVE, his LIFE, the light of Man

if nobody ever gets to this stays a story with NOTHING in it for them

thats too bad

to me, JESUS is real because HE LIVES IN ME

not in history

not in a stroy passed down from creation to SHOW US HOW GOD WORKS

but he his saints

if one doesn't experience the HIGHEST FORM OF REALITY, they will never find it in any story to be true:

God had to give us a story to GROW INTO, and to HELP US ENDURE THE TRANSFORMATION of our own species

from children or "getters"

to mature givers, which are able to FIRST RECEIVE everything they NEED within themselves

I always felt you didn't really have this TRUTH in you Marge

you tried to be fair and democratic, but it was inevitable that you come to the conclusion that LIFE MUST BE BIG ENOUGH TO become part of your own experience and not just "someone out there" who knew Jesus at one time......

the STORY is ours

when we find it

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