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Veterans recall horrors of war in live broadcast

March 27 2008 at 11:58 AM

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There is a deeper story to Iraq than the war on the insurgents, and the deaths of many people -- insurgents, children, soldiers, women, terrorists, elderly, freedom fighters, "contractors" etc. That is the lasting damage, the DU, PTSD and the like.

How do we react to doing things to other human beings that are totally against our values and conscience?

Jeffery Smith recalled how his Army unit beat and humiliated Iraqi prisoners. Former Marine Bryan Casler recounted how fellow Marines urinated and defecated into food and gave it to Iraqi children. Former Marine Matthew Childers talked about how he used to humiliate Iraqi civilians during predawn raids on their homes. When he described turning away an Iraqi father who was asking American troops to help the badly burned baby he carried in his arms, Jackson began to weep silently.

Veterans recall horrors of war in live broadcast

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