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That is a good point...

March 29 2008 at 9:16 AM

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Response to Understood.

I have been confirmed in my own arguments by expressing them in written form. So on that level, yes the forums can be a useful tool. I have been able to articulate myself on certain points bc I've done a good job (imo) of giving an answer to the little questions I've been exposed to and may not have fully developed without the probing of others.

But at some point the conversations get so ridiculous that to partake in them makes one wonder who is more stupid. I see both you and Bob have left that forum. I pretty much departed back when Nucc was allowed to call me names, but others were banned for troll-like behaviors.

It would have been better if the owners simply hadn't taken a side. Once they did then it was no longer an open forum but a biased one.

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