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March 29 2008 at 9:33 AM

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Response to It was always a biased forum.

I think maybe you are probably right, but it also didn't appear as biased until certain ppl were invited over in order to stack the deck. These other ppl really have no experience with these characters but stand up for them as if their word on the matter means anything. Yea, you've known Jack for 5 minutes, but you are going to tell me?

Well that's all Jack wants. He just wants an amening crowd, and it is reciprocal I think too. In fact I remember once I said, if I went into the archives to prove my point that this person wouldn't listen anyway they agreed they wouldn't have. So let Jack be their hearty reward.

As long as we are in the middle of it trying to make "others" see, they will be so busy defending Jack, that they won't see him for who he is. As soon as we get out of the way and let them see Jack for themselves, then they won't be so busy defending him.

Then the rubber will meet the road. They will either admit that he's a lunatic not worthy to listen to, or they will continue to lie to themselves, sit under his leadership so that they aren't "divisive", or whatever evil label he puts on it to lord himself over others (and others over others, he's not the only one).

The Matrix

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