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Another 3 inches last night

April 7 2008 at 8:06 AM

Mondo  (Premier Login Oscar50)
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Yikes. I think that's the end of it now.

Tuffy especially likes the cool weather. Probably only one day this year did he complain, it was around -40 -- he has this habit of wanting to climb into deep snow to do his business. Right off the beaten path ya know. So he was doing that and started whining a bit. I picked him up and wiped his paws off and he was okay until we got home, half a block. In -40 we don't go far, 10 or 15 minutes. Toby will go 3 legged at times.

Yesterday for our walk Toby and I were on the path and Tuffy was about 20 feet to our side, walking and running through the pristene snow, licking on occasion. He loves to roll around in the snow too, giving himself a shower I guess.

Yeah, we've got lots to send ya! I think your guys would love it, they've got the coats!

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