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Crush the Godless Liberals

April 13 2008 at 11:29 AM

Marge  (Login Marge3)

Crush the Godless Liberals: All of America's Problems are Due to Godlessness and Godless LiberalsPolitical movements that are driven by fear and that promote authoritarian government typically require a scapegoat: some group upon which people's fears can be projected and against which authoritarian measures appear justified. There are several groups in America which Christian Nationalists have used as scapegoats, with gays and humanists being among the most popular. In recent years, however, all of the scapegoats have become lumped together into a single group: Godless Liberals. According to Christian Nationalists, every problem in American society (and quite a few non-problems which they have invented) are due to the unwholesome actions or policies of Godless Liberals.

Godless Liberals are blamed for the increased social acceptance of homosexuality and the drive for gay marriage, for the legalization of abortion and increased used of contraceptives, for the amounts of sexual imagery in our media and the failure of teens to remain celibate until marriage, for the increasingly secular nature of public institutions and the strength of non-Christian voices in public debates. In short, everything which Christian Nationalists don't like about America today is blamed on Godless Liberals and the solution, they claim, is to give them a free hand at transforming society at will -- to remake America into their own image which they claim is how America was originally designed to be.

As bad as all this sounds, we must remember that scapegoats are not treasured pets; on the contrary, scapegoats are generally meant to be eliminated from society in order to purify it. Attacks on Godless Liberals are not simple political disagreements where people have differing opinions while being able to respect the others' position. The rhetoric of Christian Nationalists tends to be violent and even eliminationist in nature. Christian Nationalists don't want an accommodation with liberals, godless or otherwise, nor are they interested in reaching some sort of political compromise. Nothing less than the elimination of godless liberalism and the carriers of this infection is their goal. Few openly advocate violence and those who do try to justify their words as mere jokes, but this isn't a laughing matter and it's something we should all be concerned with.

The above image is based of a World War I poster of a British soldier standing above an injured German, exhorting people "Don't Let Up" and to "Save Food."

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All ... religions show the same disparity between belief and practice, and each is safe till it tries to exclude the rest. Test each sect by its best or its worst as you will, by its high-water mark of virtue or its low-water mark of vice. But falsehood begins when you measure the ebb of any other religion against the flood-tide of your own. There is a noble and a base side to every history.- Thomas Wentworth Higginson

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