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May 30 2008 at 5:06 AM
Striver  (no login)

Response to Ex-aide Scott McClellan rips Bush's Iraq 'propaganda'

In Ron Suskind's book, "The Price of Loyalty" page 86, Paul O'Neil, the then U.S. Treasury Secretary, says the following:

"From the start, we were building the case against Hussein and looking at how we could take him out and change Iraq into a new country. And, if we did that, it would solve everything. IT WAS ALL ABOUT FINDING A WAY TO DO IT. That was the tone of it. The Preaident saying, "FINE. GO FIND ME A WAY TO DO THIS." (emphasis is mine).

O'Neil resigned two years into Bush's term. O'Neil is known in Washington circles as an untouchable.

This book, and two or three others, was written blowing the whistle on the unholy trinity, Bush-Cheney-Rove, but gullible, Polly Anna America, wanting to believe their president was as pure as the driven snow, was in denial.

"Fine. Go find me a way to do it." Is this premeditation? Makes 9-11 really stink the place up...makes conspiracy theorists out out of people who were never, ever, conspiracy nuts. Mighty damned convenient, 9-11.

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