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June 9 2008 at 7:32 AM
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Response to So, having an open mind

it just leads to the realization eventually, if one is honest, that you can't find the TRUTH with the mind; it is meant for the soul:

most people don't grasp their soul apart from their mind: they have no frame of reference for a soul separate from the mind:

yet in the Bible, the separation of these two is paramount to understanding FAITH OR GOD:

I explained faith and God are for the SOUL:

the mind is for this world, for facts and information:

its good to have an open mind in this world in a way: LOOK AT EVERYTHING and make sure of all things

but you can't FIND GOD this way:

thats all I mean:

God has to be REVEALED and God reveals himself through giving us FAITH:

the mind doesn't choose faith, but God gives it to the SOUL which is why religious people argue for years, because they also don't understand that the mind is not going to understand GOD:

what would a man give in exchange for his soul?

he has to give HIS MIND: the tithe, the ten percent that he owes God because GOD created the mind for his GLORY

not for man's glory:

yet at the fall out of Paradise, man's mind became "darkened" because it didn't LOVE the truth:

the mind is no longer able to see the truth: ASK ANYONE if they see the truth?

they will tell you a hundred reasons as to why they can't, but the truth is there is only ONE: the mind can no longer receive it:

so God prepares the SOUL FOR HIMSELF, to become his BODY:

now we need a second birth, which comes when the soul receives a NEW REVELATION of God....and this REVELATION then leads the "spirit" (WILL) out of the mind, to the PLACE of the skull (back to the beginning of all creation) and joins to the NEW SPIRIT God gives us which is defined as CHRIST for Christians, Messiah for JEWS and something to do with HOLINESS in every other religion: WITHOUT Holiness no man can see the Lord:

I probably said too much already, but suffice it to add, the mind is all we have, till we get REVELATION of a higher mind.....then we recognize another part of us, the SOUL:

remember I explained that Jacob is the soul and Esau is the mind in Biblical terms and how Esau loves to HUNT but Jacob just stays home and learns how to to make something out of what the MIND FINDS:

can your mind understand this?

so the mind is made for this world

the soul is made for the world beyond:

in the end, when the soul is saved again, the MIND can be renewed to FOCUS ON What the SOUL RECEIVES FROM beyond:

this is why the mind then becomes the servant to the King (will) and Queen (soul)

the King DIRECTS THE WILL IN US.....the QUEEN (our soul) RECEIVES EVERYTHING from the will

the mind learns how to FOCUS on that which is beneficial and not on personal interests because it will KNOW THE TRUTH by this time:

and it knows the truth because the SOUL received it

the mind is able to LOOK OUTWARD at the seen things or matter

and inward at the soul which is more concerned with antimatter or CHRIST:

the MIND in the end will be helpful to both sides of the person: INSIDE and OUTSIDE


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