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so then

June 15 2008 at 8:58 AM
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Response to " like I said below

what is the arguement about?

if we define God, then we either believe or disbelieve what we define

doesn't change reality one bit

all scientific proof must first DEFINE what one is proving

or there is nothing scientific about it

the most anyone can do on these forums is TRY TO DEFINE what they believe God is to "THEM"

if there is no concensus, then there certainly can not be any PROVING that belief!!

its personal and subjective

however, those who CLAIM TO BELIEVE IN THE SAME GOD and DEFINE HIM THE SAME WAY, they can talk about him and try prove him through that MEANS they DEFINE HIM BY:

for Bible believers, the BIBLE is the WORD OF GOD

they should STICK to the WHOLE BIBLE as the PROOF of his character and existence:

only one problem with this belief

how much does each reader understand what they are reading?

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