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Re: Since you asked, here are your statements.

August 13 2008 at 11:08 AM

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Response to Since you asked, here are your statements.

"When did I say a democratic society will always guarantee freedom for all?" - Julian

"Funny thing democracy... it allows EVERYONE to have their opinions, and to express them." - Julian

>> WESTERN democracy, such as that which we at present live in.<<

"In the UK it allows all to be free to believe as they wish, and express their views openly." - Julian

All stated in the context of a discussion regarding how democracy applies and what the term means.

Your premise that "You are not 'dumb'" has been refuted. But will you understand and/or accept the refutation, and/or the logic behind it? No, because you are too stupid to be able to.

I have no problem with you being dumb or stupid. You seem to, though. You might want to seek some professional help to improve your ability to understand and cope with reality.

>> Nope, I am not stupid, dumb, thick or any other term you might choose to use.

You are one of those people who cant accept being wrong, so resort to calling other stupid.

get over it Noob.<<

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