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My sources say

August 17 2008 at 4:25 PM
Striver  (no login)

Response to Frissell, Thoth , Mars, Lucifer and Mistakes!

the original meaning of Lucifer was "Dawn of Creation." Thr reasoning was that manifestation, which of course includes the creation of suns, is pure, undefiled space condensed to its opposite frequency. The absolute darkness of space, unblemished by manifestation was considered God, while its opposite frequency, manifestation, was called Lucifer. If I remember correctly it was called Deus Inversus. Later, Christian clergy, having the same problem as Clergy today, unable to grasp abstracts, personified Lucifer into a Being-Satan.

Not much is said about the Sphinx other than its being a symbol for higher and lower mind and their relation to each other; divided into two signs (the Lion and the Virgin, soul and form) because the state of human evolution and conscious realisation is that of a recognised duality.

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