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The brilliance of the Sarah Palin choice.

September 4 2008 at 7:46 AM
noob  (Login huskerdu2)

Let's look at the demigraphics of the "big picture".

1) Obama was a "fast rising star" of the Democrats. The Republicans need a faster rising star.
2) Essentially, women & African-Americans voted Clinton in, and women vote Bush in. Obama has an insurmountable edge on the African-American side, but the Republicans can attract the women by picking Sarah Palin as the candiate for VP.
3) The Republicans NEED to escape the gay scandals. She's definitely not gay, and appeals to the "family values right".
4) The Republicans NEED a "Forrest Gump" factor to attract the handicapped demigraphic to compliment McCains hold on the geriatrics. What better than the mother of a "downs-syndrome" child?
5) The Republicans NEED to show that they are haven't lost touch with "Real Americans and Real American Families". What better than a mom & family facing the struggles of a teen pregnancy.
6) The Republicans are oblicated to placate the NRA, yet not appear as being supporters of whack-job militias. What better than a gun-toting mom?
7) The Republicans need to escape the staunchy "good-ol-boy" image (like what McCain is). What better than a non-good-old-boy?
8) Obama picking a candidate to compliment his strengths and shore up his weakness, the Republicans can obviously outdo that. Sarah Palin is perfect for that.
9) The Republicans need to address the "lack of experience" argument. What better way than to have their own inexperienced person to remove the argument.
10) The Republicans need to fight the "Agent of Change" message of the Democrates. What better way to changed everything by voting in a woman that won't change anything.
11) The Democrats did up a huge "rock show presentation" at their convention. The Republicans can certainly upstage that by putting a pageant queen on a bland stage as eye candy. When attracts a male demigraphic, and an Internet demigraphic of porn-surfers and video editors.

The land of opportunity, the place where women make a difference, the time for a change, the time for "family values", the time to show that the government is listening and "on your side".

The time for Sarah Palin... For President... While settle Vice-President because statistically speaking McCain isn't likely to make it 4 years, anyway.

I find it pathetic, actually.

If this works, it'll be the most brilliant political ploy in our country's history - and likely as big a plunder as voting in Nixon and/or GW Bush. If it fails, it'll be one of it's biggest blunders ever.

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