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I think you're sorta right

September 4 2008 at 9:37 AM
Phred  (Login Phred01)

Response to The brilliance of the Sarah Palin choice.

but while many focus upon this as being about women, it's not. McCain picked Sarah Palin for one reason and one reason only... to energize the fundamentalist base. They were completely blase' about his candidacy and he came to realize that, as much as he despised them without them he wasn't going to win. So here he is, a genuinely decent man between a rock of ages and a hard place. If he picks Joe Lieberman the convention would actually riot... and they told him so. When he went back to his advisors and asked for more alternatives on the VP candidate that means he'd ruled out such favorites as Huckabee and Fred Thompson. The base wanted an ultra-conservative and would settle for nothing less. McCain wanted someone like Lieberman. So what to do?

Palin has energized that base at almost no cost to him. She'll be grateful to have been chosen, she'll have no real agenda to demand that he make concessions about... she should be very malleable. In return McCain will give her the chance of a lifetime by reaching all the way down (up?) to Alaska and pulling its governor out of obscurity to the national ticket. Even if they lose she'll be a sure thing in four years to run again.

But mark my words, this is about the anti-abortion nuts who vote on just one issue and they'll be out to vote now that they've got something to be excited about.

I liked John McCain before he started this run for the White House. Then he started pandering to this interest group and that interest group. It's sad to see what you have to give up in order to get support.

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