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Evolutionary Dynamics

September 12 2008 at 7:56 AM
insomniacjim  (Login insomniacjim)

Response to Before Evolution Came Prevolution, Say Biologists

"Evolutionary dynamics are a universal principle. They can operate with whatever is at hand," said Nowak.

Sounds like some sort of intelligence to me. This "principle" "knows" how to build Life out of anything. Wow!

It probably doesn't know everything to start out, but it can learn as it goes. They give it a name with a scientific ring to it, a clear label as "evolutionary", meaning the result of random mutation, and use it to prove their point.

Evolutionary principles are clearly laws, rules or protocols; information that must be stored somewhere before it can be applied to "...whatever is at hand". For what these folks describe as having to happen in order for life to form, this information must be stored in the shape of the molecules involved(atomic structure). Unless they are already shaped properly, no bonding can take place. From the systems view, there has to be another copy of the information, one that allows the system to manage supplies for these complex assemblies and plan for their future uses.

And what form could this dynamic information take that could defy detection for so long? Coherent electromagnetic fields, the spirit stuff built of fractal potentials that dynamically and continually, resolve uncertainty; the Holoverse.

We know these fields are there. Their attributes are well known. These attributes fit the bill for the missing part of the information processing system(the paranormal, spiritual, collective consciousness, living Earth, even god, etc.) ignored by current materialistic, reductionist science. Works for me!

Once again, i'm stimulated... thanks Mondo.


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