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Here's what I've found...

September 13 2008 at 11:51 AM
Phred  (no login)

Response to Here's the break-down

you tell me if you deviate.

Most times when discussing abortion people tell me that they believe life begins at conception. Now, when asked why it always comes down to "that's when the soul enters the body." And that's the problem I have with this whole thing. The concept of a soul is as amorphous as angels on the head of a pin. If we were to truly treat this as a logical proposition, we'd say that life ends when a person is brain dead. That is, when higher brain functions are absent. Life should begin when those brain functions are present. That's at around 25 or 26 weeks. So let's say 24 weeks to be safe. That's my take on it.

Before that is based upon religious belief, not logic.

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