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Religous Bollex, forget it-- Ya bore me

October 7 2008 at 5:23 AM
Sweets  (no login)

There are more pressing situation today than discussing a jew book of folklore yes? It may please the SOB Southern Baptists born again israeli defenders paid to back the second comin bullshit but it don't sit well with the Sweet fella's sweet disposition -- Belch!

Germany has also now become the third EU nation, after Ireland and Greece, to impose temporary 100 percent protection for savers' deposits against their bank collapsing, in a bid to boost confidence.

What better way to increase confidence in a crooked market than to guarantee bank savings, stopping runs on banks etc. The Idiot Bush could avoid the lampost Mussollini scenario if he makes one of his sermons from mount shrub that the FDRC will guarantee “bank savings” 100% -- It Might help the Hero and the lady who’s known as Lieu at least run a close second.

Note the 100% guarantee is only for bank deposits -- The near banks , the fundies Mutual funds RSVPs etc. are not included -- even though the idiots who have placed their money in the hands of the golden parachute battalion S&L, fundies, etc and IMO don’t deserve a bailout -- Sweet as I am IMO the Idiots should be at least guaranteed 75% return of the amount invested. Can’t pay em back the 25% overhead that goes for golden parachute for top brass.

More so here in Kanukistan, because the government coerces the tax cows to invest in RSVPs to avoid paying taxes at the time -- Avoided until they withdraw their savings at a time when they hope they are in a lower tax bracket. Taxes only go higher, so really all your doing is bankrolling the thieves that play with your savings in the manipulated market. Fekin fools Yes? Aye er eh?

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