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Eisenhower started Vietnam... but let me tell ya

October 10 2008 at 3:26 PM
Phred  (Login Phred01)

Response to What did it used to be?

and the space race as a military venture... so you can't go there either... before that it was Hoover and his bumbling over the economy that turned a bad recession into the depression.

So what was the Republican party?

I'll tell ya Vince... I'd like it to be the party that wasn't ruled by single-issue voters. Before Republicans were the anti-abortion, heavily pro-religion, pro-gun and strongly anti-liberal their identity was Goldwater conservatism. Government should stay the hell out of our daily lives and only intrude when it's absolutely necessary. The Dems were the party of social maneuvering. Then along came Reagan and he stripped off the over-regulation that had been stagnating our economy. But that idea got out of control. We can make more money if nobody interferes with us. Then, because the Republican party is so heavily in hock to the religious right we end up with asinine things like birth control being labeled by the FDA as abortion. While they're at it let's torture suspects to be sure we find out things because Dick Cheney thinks it's a good idea. They're listening to phone calls, evaluating every post on the internet, even this one, and basically the republican party has become the party of total intrusion into our lives, including spending gobs of money they don't have. Fiscal responsibility is concept Bush doesn't understand.

You guys did this... squeak, dori... you voted for these assholes. Out of fear, for your one issue... whatever. You did this. Don't pretend this election that you had nothing to do with it. You're responsible for this war, for the deaths... you wanted a man who was pro-life didn't you? Well, you got two justices. And a depression. Our status around the world is shot. We're no longer looked at as a bastion of freedom but the first image that pops up in people's minds are the pictures from Abu Ghraib.

Are you proud of yourselves?

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  • Ah-h-h-h - Vince on Oct 10, 2008, 6:55 PM