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HATE is a very powerful negative emotion...

November 17 2008 at 10:50 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to Well.. Uh... Not sure what to say...

I cannot believe anyone can get to hate another simply by forum life.
If there is hate in this context, then surely something is seriously wrong with the hater and he/she needs to look deeply at themselves.

I guess I might be nauseating to some people, but I would be surprised if anyone hates me (but, 'ell, I've been surprised before..happy.gif).

Any why anyone would hate you, from all that I have seen from you, well, I would be unable to guess.

Maybe some of us annoy others, but Hate - hope not.

If we are to be honest, then I admit I have thought for some reason there is distance between you and me, for whatever reason.

You make anything of that? Just trying to see how we can get it right or wrong, or middling! happy.gif

I would guess it is becasue you may see me a little like I feel gerry does actually, all flowers and smiles and not too honest.
So, did I just make up a whole epic of my own fantasy?? happy.gifhappy.gif

How honest are people prepared to be on forum?

All to be taken lightly - nothing deep. happy.gif

Luv Jackie

We are all of 1 Spirit
1 Spirit is The All That Is!

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