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You would also

November 17 2008 at 4:13 PM

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Response to Re: I think you misunderstand what I'm trying to say though

think that the film makers would take that into account?

There are many things though to be questioned, like flight 93, the people were on the cell phones or plane phones talking to loved ones... if they were not, then how far does this go?

I still say the 'who' that is behind it and the 'why' is not so much a physical thing, as it is an unseen, faceless force since the beginning of time, attempting to completely control man and have them bowing down to "it".

Whether by choice or deception... an attempt to form a reality that forces one into compliance willingly.

Hitler's Utopia Revisited.

We have the bars, just not all can see them for the smoke and mirrors.


"You are blessed whenever people mock, insult, and otherwise revile, harass, and say nasty, untrue things about you because you are mine (that is Jesus'), living as subjects of God's kingdom, and as such, an affront to their whole way of life. Rejoice when that happens--and I mean be absolutely thrilled--because heaven is more than worth it. And when that happens, you'll know you're on the right track, because that's exactly how people have always treated those who speak for God here on Earth." The Oberst Translation

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