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Yeah, I mean ....

November 18 2008 at 8:02 AM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to Wow Vince ..

What was so urgent that these prisoners couldn't be taken to normal facilities in the U.S.? Even during WW2, there was no need for such drastic action.

They were worried about security? Well then, what about ol' Osama bin Laden? Why was there no urgency to find HIM?

It really doesn't add up. No need to take cruel and unusual measures with these detainees, ESPECIALLY not when there were so many and the evidence against them so non-existent.

However, if the administration (just supposing) WERE guilty of having planned/executed 9/11 ............... what would they do to give themselves a reliable cover? Get confessions. And in what sort of environment would they prefer these confessors to be? In isolation/out of the way/stories couldn't be easily checked etc.

When they weren't getting the results they wanted ........ what would they do next? Issue instructions to step UP the interrogation methods?


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