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December 7 2008 at 6:49 AM
Bill  (Login PlanoBill)

Response to I'm sorry to hear about Wifey, too, luv

Wifey started 'acting' better Sat. morning...knew I would not 'allow' her to go "ebaying" with my oldest sister if'n she was still sickly. Old bat will be home Sun. about six and then we shall see how well she is truly doing.

Wifey no eat what Bill be willing to cook...she can't lose no more fat but maybe she will lose some of that ooglie...

We both got sick about the same time (I took 2 'anti's' and gots betterish)...btw, if'n Caren sends not "Money, Guns and Lawyers" maybe I could talk her into sending me some 'anti's'...hmmmmm...might ask, will think on such :-)


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