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Yes, I was reading an article yesterday

December 23 2008 at 1:44 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to I think

Saying that the Ontario Provincial Police commissioner (Canada) is planning to propose "absolute liability" legislation for careless drivers .....

Well here too, we see a "good idea" that the public will likely support. Why not? Punish the reckless bastards. I'm sure a lot of emotional oomph will be punched into this proposal.

But what does it ACTUALLY mean?

You get into an accident which is proven to be your fault and suddenly ....... WHAMMO ..... you're hit with settlement claims that you'll spend the next 25 years of your life paying off.

What the heck is insurance for in the first place? Extremely few people INTENTIONALLY have or cause an accident. Accidents generally are the result of some brief lapse of judgment and not because of general carelessness.

So-o ..... if this passes, Insurance companies can laugh all the way to the bank. They receive huge amounts of money in premiums and will suddenly find themselves having to pay out a mere fraction of what they did before.


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