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December 29 2008 at 3:43 PM
Bill  (Login PlanoBill)

Response to It's working well Bill

I force myself to be polite, kind, helpful, loving, etc...

What have you helped me become, today...

Tell me my internet breath stinks and I shall brush, tell me that I am getting fat and I shall diet, tell me; tell me; tell me! You be telling me that which is known (that which takes much effort)...I read many times said that EVERYONE, ALL, EVERYBODY...where is mine!

Can't fix what I only wonder about...if'n I wish to hear good things I will speak to myself or ask Dori-toes :-)

I ask here because there are a few that just may wish to speak plain to one such as I...I swear (constantly :-) if'n I don't hear something helpful I gonna get me one of them there big fat heads and start speaking unkind things...feel free to test that statement :-)


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