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I weary of this sort of ' unbeliver thing', Noob

January 6 2009 at 11:22 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to But didn't they tell you?

Means nothing to me. Just a bestowed itle.

Look what is 'out there' to be fascinated by, to be enthralled by.

I understand that some say they need only 'God' and I believe that is the case for them.
What brought them to their Need certainly by passed me. happy.gif

I guess I fel the way to celebreate the Creator, the Source, Whatever we are, is by being the best person we can.

Boring, I know.

But to me, anything else, any talk, any following, any Messiah, any guru, comes second. Cos isn't it an obvious, that how we each act and live and talk should be the Living Christ Consciousness?

I feel great love for certain forum friends while at the same tine I admit I feel a great rift, depsite the fact I see rifts as one of the great problems.

I am far from an Enlightened One and envy those that are their Oneness. I sense the Way of the Oneness, and recgnise the Oneness we are, but what is the point of recognition only?


We can only shine in our our ways. Personally, one genuine smile from anyone means more than a whole religious text that doesn't make me smile.

Hope this makes a sense, Donesn't need to be agreed with of course. happy.gif


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