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good morning, Jackie...

January 22 2009 at 6:55 AM

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Response to Thanks Sandy

I don't know if I mentioned this to you before, but I homeschooled my 3 boys for 7 years. One of the main reasons that we pulled them out of school was that the oldest was profoundly depressed and anxious about school -- and he was only 8 years old. =( And all three of my boys have ADD and were really struggling to focus and concentrate in a classroom environment.

I understand how it feels as a parent to be worried primarily about your child's health and emotional well-being, but knowing that you also have the responsibility to make sure they are educated -- and it's hard for kids to understand that just not going to school, although it may relieve their anxiety and seems like such a simple solution, is not an option. And then the normal, everyday routine of going to school becomes a huge stress and emotional drama.

If you decide to homeschool Laura, even for just a while until things settle down a bit, if there are any questions I can answer, I'd be happy to -- or try to point you in the right direction for information. I'm sure the homeschooling laws in the UK are different than they are here in the US, but there's good info out there.

Just on a quick search I found:

That is a non-religious UK Homeschooling site, and looks like there's a lot of resources there happy.gif

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