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How something so 'normal' becomes a 'drama'.

January 22 2009 at 10:52 PM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to good morning, Jackie...

Indeed I do know the emotions now behind those words......happy.gif

Though Laura had shown signs since the last year in her primary school, this, afte a great start at her new Secondary school, has hit us like a lightening bolt.

Thanks for that site, Kate. It looks very useful and I'll look more fully later in the day. I was going to homeschool my son Stephen last year, at least until he was ble to get into the school he was down for, but only got in at the second round. He has settled in well there now and is doing well, although he did love the idea of home schooling.

I do believe though that if a child is signed off sick from school, then they are entitled to 5 hours a week of home schooling. I am not sure if they will be in compliment with work sent home from the school. I will certainly fill in when and where I can. We could have a 12 week wait before we get to see a 'professional', so this mean while time is a sort of limbo.

Thanks for your offer of advicce and help. Rest assured, any questions I will ask! happy.gif
I didn't know yu had homeschooled your own boys. I would have been fine Homeschooling the Primary years and maybe the first year (7th year of school) of Secondary, but once I started seeing the work my son was bringing home from Year 8, especially in maths, well, that was a bit of an eye opener! happy.gif

Thanks again, Kate, dearest sister.
Will post here when I can...
Love to you....

We are all of 1 Spirit
1 Spirit is The All That Is!

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