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I tried to reply at the Barnyard, but

January 24 2009 at 11:32 PM
  (Login dori0)

Response to Dori... If you are interested.

it appears I have to be a member to post there. LOL!

Here is my considered response. Mondo, I hope you don't mind my posting it here, since I a couple of people who expressed their opinion of me and am unable to respond there. Thank you.

Thank you for your attempt to clear the air, Noob. I'll assume it was genuine. It was very revealing to me. Not that you can't stand me--that was made plain last year, but the opinion of Vince, which was rather a surprise. I knew we butted heads, but was unaware that he despised me. I've always rather liked him, as I did you. It's always good to know where we stand. I did very much enjoy Squeak coming to my defense and must admit I felt her comments were reflective of some of my own opinions in many ways.
I'm not sure how you thought this forum would help the two of us work out our differences, but if it made you feel better to vent, then I'm sure it was worthwhile to you. I think Phred's point was well made--this would have been better to have been done in e-mail, considering this room you set up is more like an inquisition chamber or a lion's den than a forum for you and I to try to work out your problems with me.
Phred's comments to Squeak were revealing. Seems he also has become emboldened by this format to speak his true feelings. I'm glad they weren't directed at me, as I've always liked Phred and hoped the feeling was mutual. But then again, who knows what I'll find out when I check in here tomorrow? *-) Maybe Bill will come by to throw empty beer cans? LOL!
I don't wish to discuss your opinion of my failings and shortcomings with you, nor do I wish to point out yours. I have no bones to pick with you. I wrote you off months ago. You're the one who has the issues, obviously. I hope you're able to find a way to resolve them. If that sounds cold and uncaring to you, I'm sorry. It's just the truth. It became obvious to me quite some time ago that we were violently opposed in our political views when you and Mondo left Shy's over our disagreements. I thought we had worked past it because that's what civil people do. They talk about things they can agree on and avoid those topics which are inflammatory.
Over the past several years it has been hard for me to get along with many people when talking about my political beliefs. I probably should have left all of the Net 54 forums long ago when I ran into the hatred of America's president and my country's policies, but I do like to debate the issues and thought I could express my opinion equally with everyone else, even though my views were the minority. I thought SOMEBODY ought to point out the opposing view. I know that I come off strident at times, but it is because I believe so strongly in what I talk about and get so frustrated at the wrongful accusations that I'm countering. I actually thought everyone had an equal voice in expressing their opinions and didn't think my divergent views would be perceived as my looking down at anyone. I refuse to accept Vince's characterization of me as uneducated and misinformed. We all have our areas of expertise and areas where we could learn more.
As I stayed around the boards and got to know the people, I found that we did have a lot of good things to share and thought we had built up a camaraderie that could transcend other differences. I was wrong. Terribly wrong, it appears. I don't think I can adequately describe the pain and humiliation I have felt these past couple of weeks at your attacks, so I will just suck it up and move on. I can only surmise that you guys can't stand women who have the audacity to consider themselves your equal and counter this by putting them down. There is no other explanation for such rudeness that I can think of.
I don't know that there is anything left for me to say, but I will grant your wish to give you a place where you can be assured I won't come and that is Julian's. I haven't posted there much in the past few month's and won't miss it. I can post with him at Kristy's. Mondo has said it is fine with him if I stay at his forum, so I will continue to go there to post to Jackie, Marge, Kate, Deb and others who stop by. I will not post to you or respond to anything you post and would appreciate it if you would do likewise with me. Thanks.

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