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The Problem With The Stone Age

January 29 2009 at 7:41 PM

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The Problem With The Stone Age
Written By: Doug Yurchey
Posted: 1/27/2009

We hear the words Stone Age and think of primitive cavemen and dinosaurs. We do not think titanic, impossible structures of the ancient world that our most powerful machinery cannot duplicate! We have been virtually and subtly brainwashed with the view of primitive primates. (Possibly, educators feel superior and egos assume that they are the crown of Creation).

The big question is, Fifty thousand years ago, were we climbing down from the trees and first learning to use simple tools? Or, were we flying through space, colonizing, building pyramid-power stations and cloning ourselves?

The true answer to the above question is B, flying through space colonizing and cloning. But, most people buy the theory of primitive cave-people for the same reason they buy products. Evolution and prehistoric cavemen are what is advertised. People feel safe and comfortable with the mainstream.

Vast numbers of tourists visit Giza, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Teotihuacan and many other STONE constructions of prehistory. Tour guides tell the visitors, look how remarkable early Man was, they could accomplish so much without the use of modern technology. When we examine such statements, an unmistakable contradiction should be realized.

Possibly, the answer to ancient mysteries is that our ancestors possessed overwhelming technologies even more advanced than the present? When we color the Pre-Incans and Pre-Egyptians with a brush of barbarism, we only display our own ignorance. We should give our ancestors much more credit. Can we stop insulting the Pre-Incans and Pre-Egyptians by finally understanding that they were better than us?

How were the massive megaliths of the Old World cut and transported? Tour guides and brochures will attempt to convince you. They will provide reasonable, fundamental techniques as solutions to the puzzle. Ramps, rollers, levers, pulleys, ropes, slaves and animals should do it. Rarely will mysteries be left as mysteries. Authorities will never report, We do not know. Instead, they will fill-in enigmas with complete misinterpretations and pure mistakes that are no better than the Flat-Earth Theory.

A theory including super-lasers and anti-gravity provides reasonable answers as to how the huge monoliths were shaped and moved when you consider the physics (weights) involved. Traditional academicians would never accept such notions as modern or above-modern technology existing so long ago.

One example of a typical misunderstanding was demonstrated in a particular documentary concerning the Incas. Researchers excavated the area around enormous, 100-ton, stone blocks that comprise the unbelievable fortresses high in the Andes. Thin-air sites such as Ollyantambo and Sacsayhuaman were studied. But, the problem was that the scientists foolishly believed that the ground near the giant-rock fortresses would reveal clues about the original builders. Yes, a few simple tools and bowls were found. Scant evidence of not-so-advanced Indians was discovered.

A few relics of simple tribes in the shadows of mountainous sites containing building blocks weighing at least 100-tons eachhave little to do with the original builders of Ollyantambo or Sacsayhuaman. The basic discoveries could very easily be recent while titanic bases of megaliths are more than 10,000 years old! One is certainly not connected to the other since oceans of TIME probably separate the two. A few, meager tribes may have endured the hostile environment of the high plain Altiplano out of sheer inertia (reincarnation?).

Consider that STONE is the perfect material if the architects want the structures to last ages and ages. After many millennia of wear and tear, after much environmental weathering and erosion, stone constructions will endure. Sandstone, limestone and granite are basically permanent. How long do our present-day buildings last? A hundred years? Not really, castles have been around for more than a thousand years. Castles are made of stone. Our ancestors built structures that survived the ravages of time.

An intelligent (culturally-advanced) society builds in stone, rather than in softer/less permanent materials. The most important buildings of your civilization should be constructed in rock to last the long course of time. You would desire that the most essential facilities, such as those connected to power/communications, endure and function. They need to be maintained and stand up to Great Floods or nuclear threats. Thick, stone walls provide the ideal atomic bomb shelters.

Stone was the perfect medium for the gods. Stone has CRYSTAL (radio) properties and can hold an electrical charge. Stones can be highly electrified, stones can be highly magnetized. Standing stones can carry an EM signal and pass on the information/power to the next stone in a grid of standing stones (induction). Stone was the perfect material for gargantuan statues that only appear as idols to honor pagan gods. The rock architecture and pyramids true purpose had to do with functioning as UTILITY POLES!

Before we view the Stone Age as a primitive period, we have to think again. Students should realize that the first obelisks seemed to be built for the gods. The Stone of the South in Baalbek, Lebanon weighs more than 5000 tons. Some estimates have placed this one giant carving at 8000 tons! How much did the original rock weigh before it was carved, 15-20,000 TONS? The sculpted (sliced) weight is on a scale that our technology will not master for hundreds of years! The ancient obelisk rests on its side and is barely noticed to taper to a smaller width. Stone of the South looks more like the large foundation of a colossal Greek monument, than an obelisk.

Examine the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, Egypt or the ceiling carvings at Abydos. Investigate the detailed, hieroglyphic reliefs amazingly carved into stone by Egyptians and also by the Mayas on the other side of the ocean. Study remarkable stele (Indian standing stones) and the texture of these huge, heavy totems. The deep etchings into dense material were created with the precision of fine, diamond drills

Also observe numerous island cities of the Maya, Olmec and Toltec Indians in the dense jungles of Central America. The stonework is obviously on a level far above what can be built presently. Note the placement of stele, such as in the courtyards of Copan. It is not difficult to imagine that the squared, ornate totems operated (literally) as utility poles. They were placed in similar locations that resemble where we place our (wired) power poles today. See if you can look upon Mayan, stone plazas, pyramids, cities and perceive them not as mere ceremonial centersbut as wireless, Electro-Magnetic powerhouses. A few of the stone wonders, surrounded by intense vegetation, have row upon row of squared-off steles. These stunning rock pillars are aligned with laser-perfect precision! Lasers were probably used in their making and placement. Visiting tourists walk between rows of perfectly-straight, little towers of stone. Stele monoliths may have once oscillated carrying huge amounts of electricity. Mayan buildings, with many rows of stele, could have served as generating and distributing POWER STATIONS.

The problem with the age of stonecutters is that we have been reinforced to believe these early Indians were savages that practiced human-sacrifices and cannibalism. Implausible, stone altars in the so-called ceremonial centers are thought to be where ritual killings occurred. Traditional archeologists point out where they believe blood poured down stone troughs in the natives tribute to pagan gods. We only ASSUME this view, reality is a matter of relative perceptions. If researchers had the proper view, that Mayan and Incan civilizations were high-tech races, then our American ancestors would no longer be savages. Todays scientists completely misinterpret the ancient flying Indians because they do not understand the power system that fueled their society. How can we believe that the pyramid-manufacturers were anything less than an elegant race of super astronomers and super scientists? Human-sacrifices are a big misconception.

Indian savagery certainly happened hundreds of years ago among the far descendants of the Aztec. But, those recent Indians were not the pyramid-builders and stone transporters from much earlier times. The Indians the Spanish discovered hundreds of years ago were the long, lost, future-children of the Maya pyramid-builders. Pyramids are thousands of years old. Once again, so much TIME separates various cultures. Human history, which includes extremely intelligent humans, is so much older and more extensive than we have been taught.

If a space-traveling race of people were to colonize another planetthey would not bring with them construction materials, giant engines and great power sources. They would use their high level of knowledge and build with materials found on the new planet. Natural power sources would also be employed. The colonizers could have the ability to tap into energy flows, such as EM fields, found on the new world. Could this scenario apply to the seeders of Earth and the first Indians?

The idea of a primitive and barbaric Stone Age, whatever that is, should not be confused with a time of (real) technical gods and goddesses. There once was an idyllic age when our distant ancestors could literally move mountains, a momentary Heaven on Earth? Possibly, the great megaliths were transported by mind-power initially and then later (in a less advanced age) by machines?

We will still imagine images of dinosaurs, volcanoes erupting and ape-like cavemen every time we hear mention of the Stone Age. Films such as 10,000 B.C. and the Flintstones only continue ignorant stereotypes. We should also be aware of another, very different perspective regarding the remote past, a more enlightened view of what came before. The proof is in STONE that our ancestors were much more advanced than modern men and women.

What is ape to man, a laughingstock, a thing of shame? And, what is man to the Supermana laughingstock, a thing of shame?
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Readers may be confused about including Egyptian and Mayan stonework in a section concerning the Stone Age. One evokes pictures of cavemen with crude tools while the other demonstrates remarkable building techniques by way of an advanced knowledge. Our ancient ancestors worked in stone. This level of construction is so far removed from anything simple or primitive. Yet, we tend to lump our long lost STONE workers into the category of barbaric pagans. Who knows how old the perfectly-cut cities are of the Mayas and the Egyptians? We do not know the age of prehistoric, stone complexes. We know not when the large megaliths were cleaved and transported many miles to their final destinations. True ages of these masterworks go off the scale.

Students will read plenty of guesstimates in a wide range of schoolbooks. They will alter in time periods for the Mayan empire or time periods for the Incan empire. Dates will also change depending on which decade the books were written. Do not believe fluid dates at face value. Recognize that the Indians lived for AGES, very long cycles of time.

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