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Well Marge...........

February 3 2009 at 7:45 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to I'd

I am not sure at all about this marriage lark....
But discussing it any firther could lead to too deep a dungeon, so to speak.

Does not marriage in the main only fulfill a part of what we 'need'?

It is intimate enough in some part but way off the mark in another part. so to speak. Unless of course we have been amazingly blessed, and I see some people that sure feel that way. And good for them.

But doyou get my meaning, Marge?


SOme things are 'deeply' needed and we may not get them from a one partner, and I do not mean anything physical.....

Yet to link with another in some way, not your marriage partner, well, is that 'right'? Especially if the other is of the opposite sex.

This IS hypothetical. Though it has had a past impact and meaning. Do we scarifice some things in this life to make the very best we can of others?

So what I deep...happy.gif

We are all of 1 Spirit
1 Spirit is The All That Is!

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