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Exactly why

February 3 2009 at 8:34 AM

Marge  (Login Marge3)

Response to Well Marge...........

youngun's should not be allowed to be married. Social pressure causes too many young and pregnant couples to make a committment they do not want and cannot fulfil. Marriage which I would agree is not complete fulfilment for everyone should be entered into with eyes fully open and only by those who earnestly wish to do so. And if you're hinting that some people need more than one partner well that's really the business of those people and I think can best be fulfiled with individual arrangements outside of marriage. I also think the laws in effect protecting women and children from abuse should be well enforced which they have not been because of the veil of religion among other things. But yes this could get pretty deep and possibly outside the parameters of this board...but especially something I'm not going to talk about. lol You are a treasure, Ms. Jackie. happy.gif

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