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I've dealt with a wide array

February 6 2009 at 5:17 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to yes it is.

of people with mental issues over many years and in my perception, problems are created and exacerbated by 'narrowing in' to particular fields and habits until they become obsessive.

Anyone who sits on a computer every waking hour will eventually become mentally unbalanced. Computer whizzes are usually geeks who lack social skills. People who live for sex will become pretty strange. People who obsess about a particular branch of religion will go off their rocker.

When you add the stress of other pressing issues (coming in as a result of neglect to address them because of obsession), the tendency is to obsess even more.

So yeah ........ I think Nucc is nuts ......... has been nuts for years ........ and is now in an EXTREME stage of nuttiness where he's lost sight of all reason FOR his religion.

It appears to me that he's sort of picked ONE area of his religion -that of exercising anger- and made it his sole mission. He no longer cares about any REASON for being angry; he just makes anger his mission.

Therefore, I agree that he's mentally ill. I don't believe he's mentally ill because of natural causes but mentally ill as a culmination of obsession. Of course, that's not an easy thing to shake though, either.

I see it as being similar to denial. People who refuse to remember things they don't want to or can't answer. I went through a particularly trying time in my life one time where I didn't want to think about certain things ........ so I "put them out" of my mind. Sometime later, I found myself unable to remember ANYTHING! That shook me up. Then I started to analyze my problem and I realized that memory works on association and that if I block my memory of certain things, I have to block everything ASSOCIATED with those things as well. The field becomes every larger. Anything that "reminds" me of the things I want to forget ............. ALSO has to be blocked from memory! Bottom line: I couldn't remember a damned thing ........ not even the day of the week!

Thus, I see people who believe something religiously ........ refusing to deal with reality .......... becoming ever more susceptible to early onset dementia. Seriously.


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