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US to Destroy the Homes of Criminals

April 7 2009 at 10:28 AM

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07 April 2009
US to Destroy the Homes of Criminals

Gunman kills 3 police officers in Pittsburgh Ohio. Now US government will bulldoze his house down. Members of his family were not involved in the shootings and were declared innocent of any crimes. However, despite pleas from his family to keep their family home which they own, the US government has determined that it must bulldoze the house to the ground, totally destroying it. Even though the rest of the family were innocent, they must also be punished, as this will be a deterrent to others who may decide to break the law.

Now, of course this is a false report above regarding the home of the shooter being demolished, but this sort of "justice" would be an outrage in America. If America punished the INNOCENT family members of murderers by destroying the family homes. Yet, this is common place in Israel and I just wanted to point this out by illustrating how insane this is and if you can just imagine for one second this took place in America how the population would be outraged. But in Israel they believe in collective punishment, this explains Gaza in a nutshell. Now, story below of the REAL house demolition, which took place as described above:

Palestinian killed in demolition

Israeli police have shot dead a Palestinian motorist in East Jerusalem who drove at them while they were carrying out a home demolition.

The police were in at a checkpoint as, nearby, colleagues tore down the home of a Palestinian man who killed three Israelis with a bulldozer last year.

The house was pulled down after the Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the attacker's family.

Israel says the demolition of the homes of attackers is a deterrent.

Now, I say again, imagine this happening in America, then you get a clear picture of the collective punishment is like for Palestinians, even the innocent ones!!

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