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I'm intrigued by it

April 9 2009 at 4:28 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to Of course

Though I wouldn't claim to know anything for sure ....

Yes, like you say .......... a conditioned mind will likely experience -in death- what it's been conditioned to EXPECT will occur. I'm sure that happens.

On the other hand though, there appear to be a couple of factors at work which don't seem to support this supposition.

1) People experiencing something they were NOT conditioned to expect.
2) People seeing things in the real world that no dead person COULD see.
3) Prolific stories of ghosts/haunting experiences.
4) Certain people having knowledge of things they've NEVER experienced ...... as if they've been reincarnated.

Now I know that people tend to have vivid imaginations and make up stories (and maybe even experience things based on their anticipation), but ......

None of the above really fit into that pattern.

My cousin's wife for example, fully hoped for and expected to see Jesus when she died. She didn't. She was met by a couple of "messengers".

She was completely blind before she died and yet, in the last hours before her death, she could "see" again ..... enough to describe the doors and rooms along the hospital corridor as they took their last painful walk.

Christians don't expect to see a tunnel. Yet, a tunnel seems to be almost universal to the experience.
Nonbelievers don't expect to see hell and some of them reportedly do. (This is one I question though, since the reports seem spotty and inconsistent. Few report seeing the Christians' version of hell but many seem to have uncomfortable experiences they later wish to forget about).

There have been reported cases of CHRISTIANS coming back after an NDE .......... changed .......... for the worse! It doesn't happen often but does happen. One Christian woman -an unusual case- seemed negatively affected and seemed to be cynical or depressed after coming through an NDE. Where she'd been an upbeat Christian previously, she seemed to shun the whole idea of heaven after she returned from her NDE. I thought THAT was rather notable and strange.

So, people with NDE's apparently see what they don't expect to see and ........ see in our own world, what no one expects a dead person to see.

I find it rather interesting too that in all the cases I've read and heard about, that Christians do NOT actually see Jesus or have him identify himself to them but ........ ASSUME that the figure they see .......... is Jesus!

There was a young boy whom I vaguely knew as a kid, who died after being burned in a gasoline fire explosion. He was about 9yo. As far as I know, his parents hadn't raised him to believe in Jesus. Yet, when he was dying, he said he saw Jesus coming across the river in a boat to pick him up!

The reports then, frequently expose elements of "surprise" that shouldn't occur with preconditioning.


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