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April 16 2009 at 3:35 PM

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Response to I am happy you are so filled with glee.

You are not the first I have held this position with. Another poster right now at Kristy's is intent on exactly the same path as you...but I said my peace and they see it differently.
You also now I have said what i think and for me it is over.

But I will for others to think on the wisdom of speaking when all it does is end up in insults and the like (mostly anyhow)...they too can maybe call attention to it to reflect if wasting their time is a wise thing to do.
See, you have said you are so much smarter than I
'I have always known that you weren't the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree.
Which is why I don't try to engage you in any sort of intellectual discussion.'

Maybe Prev, but your actions certain do not lend evidence your bright bulb results in wisdom. in My view. That very fact you would say something like that, to me is a piece of the evidence i speak of. I find people generally cannot to speak to others, not because of others...but because of their own they say...there are never bad students...only bad teachers.

how true.


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