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I'll be darned!

September 1 2009 at 7:24 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to The Tide has Turned...!

So it sounds like and appears as though ....... these folks actually UNDERSTAND what you were telling them all along? I always wondered if they were even slightly capable of understanding anything so complex as your former suggestions about Bush ...because they seemed to grasp nothing. But now -according to your report- they're saying virtually exactly the same thing about Obama that you said about Bush?

Well, if they DON'T understand what they're talking about, they certainly -nonetheless- demonstrate good ability to memorize, eh?!~ Wow.

Of course, I suppose pecker heads like Beck are of much assistance to them too. Man alive, what a dick.

You know me well enough I think, to remember that I was a staunch conservative when Bush came into power. It took a LOT of evidence to persuade me that Bush was truly an idiot shill. I saw him initiate a war with Iraq that was totally unjustified -where even his own inspectors were saying, "we HAVEN'T FOUND ANY EVIDENCE YET! Give us more TIME!!"- and I couldn't escape that. I saw the lack of evidence for everything previously claimed by Bush and Rumsfeld ...after they'd moved INTO Iraq. I saw Rumsfeld on TV every day during the initial invasion ...... gleering at the camera with smug satisfaction as if the death and incineration of Iraqi defense forces meant nothing more to him than garbage created by a gala event. All of that turned me off severely but I still wanted to retain the dream that conservatives have more sense than liberals. It took me a L-O-N-G time to give it up and get a reality grip ........ and/but it took real hard EVIDENCE.

Now you see Obama ....... who hasn't even had enough time to essentially straighten out his office yet and ....... they're jumping all over him, accusing him of all the things done by BUSH ...... because of things he's SAID! Picking on little phrases in his speeches and then waving around like excited pulsating penises anticipating the poop to come ....... when there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of him doing ANYTHING untoward.

Yes, they are truly more stupid than I was. I think I can say that with certainty.


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