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Pretty close to the way I feel...................

October 15 2009 at 3:08 PM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to My view Jackie

I have to be true to myself. If being who I am makes people like me, and I would rather be liked than not, then that is wonderful. happy.gif But to betray myself just to be liked, well, there is just no point.

It's far easier to let some stuff just GO, rather than join in with the moans and niggles. But if you feel you are on a mission, as you seem to feel you are for God, then you may well take a different route than I.

It is far easier to just leave a forum or people to themselves and go my own way without them anymore.

Yeah sure, I take the bait STILL,now and again, but I quickly sort myself out.

I just am real wary of just a couple of folks and always take them with a pinch of salt. Nearly always! happy.gif

Life is indeed too short, Nucc.

I said to Jo, (well, to gerry) don't sweat the small stuff. She went mad at me. And since you yourself are still 'carrying' the episode, well, I shan't say it you for fear of the same! happy.gif

But a little tale for you:


One day, a Buddhist Monk named I-hsiu (literary, "One Rest") took his young student to go to town to do some business. As they approached a small river, they saw a very pretty girl walking back and forth looking very concerned.

"Lady", asked I-hsiu, "you look very concerned. What is troubling you?"

"I want to cross the river to visit my dad who is very sick, but the bridge had fallen. Where is the next nearest bridge?"

"The next closest one is many miles away. But, don't worry, I will carry you across the river."

So I-hsiu carried the girl on his back and walked across the river stream. Once they reached the other side, he put her down and, saying farewell to each other, went on their ways separately.

Observing the whole thing, the young student was rather uneasy. He thought, "the Master taught us that women are man-eating tigers (see the story "Women are Tigers" in this site) yet today he carried a pretty girl on his back across a river! That does not make any sense. Isn't the Lord Buddha teach us to keep a distance from a stranger girl?"

Over the next couple of month, the whole thing was still bothering him in his mind. Finally, the student could not stand it any longer and raised the issue with I-hsiu.

Upon hearing this, I-hsiu bursted into laughter: "I had put down the girl ever since I had crossed the river. You must be very tired carrying her around for the last two months!"

I try my best to stop carrying around any unnecessary baggage. happy.gif

Luv to you, Nucc
And I understand your scepticism about 'friends'. As long as you can stand on your own, friends can stand or fall and you remain unaffected. Yes, I have been hurt like that before and it can harden you somewhat! happy.gif

Maybe this distancing is a good thing. Letting Go. Standing Alone. Solitariness.


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