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Enjoyed your post!

December 16 2009 at 1:47 PM
Iceman  (no login)

Response to Religious fundy? What's that all about - smile!

I only bring up religious fundes as they are closed to everything except fact. Religious fundementalism closes the door to the mind and the investigation into why we are here.

I ran out of book shelves and boxed many older books. Since I know you better I might recommend "The Holigraphic Universe" by Michael Talbot. Also "Psychology and Exitenialism" by Victor Frankl.

Now don't get me entirely wrong. Religion can and often does provide good, but closing the mind closes the door to spiritual freedom and our connection to the source. There are hundreds of differing beliefs. To that end I offer a book "In The Beginning' by Virginia Hamilton. Each myth is brief, but the bibliography is extensive.

I believe anthropology offers so much in understanding our planet and it's inhabitants that I get defensive on the subject. Obviously all sciences will have errors and some failures, but science and philosophy has dragged human kind out of darkness and appears to be the only thing that will save our earth.

Allways pleasnat to read your warm post. Best Regards, Iceman.

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