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Several things...

December 30 2009 at 8:38 AM
  (Login ever-a-newbie)

Response to What's Wrong with Human Beings?

1 - People are dishonest and lie.
2 - People are selfish and inconsiderate.
3 - People are stupid and apply flawed logic based on the above traits. It is rather humorous that people will argue that they are not stupid and that their logic & reasoning are sound.

Fix those three problems, and the rest will go away.

It is truly that simple, imho. However, a vast majority of people will reject simple ideas due to the 3 above traits. Kind of a perplexing paradox - we are our own worst enemy.

Considering the number of religious teachings & moral lessons that revolve around this idea; and the thousands of years that they've existed; it seems fair to consider our condition rather chronic and incurable.

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