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December 30 2009 at 9:26 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to Several things...

I wouldn't have thought so, Noob. At least I hope not. We get many more people these days that are breaking away from relgious dogmas and indeed venturing into spiritualism without religion. Realising that spiritualism is NOT religion.

Also a lot of people are actually waking the walk by offering their services to charity and actions abroad. Maybe, just maybe, too little too late. I just hope not.

I get days of Positively Shining Hope then another day I see or hear something, then my hope somewhat dims.

More and more people are seeing through gross materialism and realising we will just be seen as consumer units if we do not stand up and show we are more than that. Keep coming back to R. Dawkins and his example of the Hidden Mass of atheists, largely unrecognised cos they do not group together and make a noise as the Christians do, as did the Feminist Movement. And look at the strides they made. I am not meaning the mass of atheists here in particular, but I think there is a critical mass of spiritually enlightened people that MIGHT make a difference.

Well, I hope so. happy.gif

When I use the word spiritual, I mean it as people who care for the Earth and It's occupants in a totalyl unselfish way.

Maybe I am a dreamer. But I can hope.

Nice to hear from you, Noob.
I saw you at Julian's earlier and I thought , where did HE appear from? happy.gifhappy.gif


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