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December 30 2009 at 10:05 AM

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Response to Several things...

Interesting list.

1 - People are dishonest and lie.
2 - People are selfish and inconsiderate.
3 - People are stupid and apply flawed logic based on the above traits. It is rather humorous that people will argue that they are not stupid and that their logic & reasoning are sound.

I don't have any answers here. I can't argue with your list, except for the generalizing -- while the list may be accurate the degree to which these characteristics are exhibited in individuals varies greatly.

To me as I read the list, I asked "Why?"

There is a pay off, there must be, otherwise why engage in these behaviors. As is often the case, and sorry for the "pop psychology" reference, but in terms of #1 I see a lack of self esteem, some sort of attachment to the creation of a persona.

#2 - not sure this is not just a variation of #3. Stupid. I am not sure that people mean to be selfish or inconsiderate. Often they just do not think. Whether they are incapable or too lazy I don't know ..

I see it at work. People make a mess of the microwave for example. There isn't anyone here whsoe job it is to 'clean up'. We are expected to clean up after ourselves. Yet many (most?) do not.

Flawed logic. Seems to be a very common trait, often linked to some sort of "belief" (religious/political) and the strange attraction people seem to have towards polarized opinions. Us/them, right/left, global warming/no global warming, evolution/intelligent design etc.

The amazing ability to filter information that is contradictory to a world view, as well as the ability to deceive ourselves into thinking our emotional responses are somehow logical, when we are so good at seeing this flaw when others do it.

Got off topic a bit there. So, what's the pay off? I can't quite articulate it, but I can see it.

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