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January 15 2010 at 2:19 PM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)


Ian Lawton's much anticipated new book GENESIS UNVEILED is published by Virgin Books this month (September 2003 in the USA), and there is much in there of interest to those wishing to learn more about the place of the Watchers and Nephilim in a historical and archaeological context. In a fundamental reappraisal of the ancient texts and traditions from around the world, Ian concludes that they retain traces of the lost wisdom of a forgotten race. Among those examines are those which refer to the punishment of the rebel Watchers after their transgressions at the time of the 'fall', and the subsequent destruction of the Nephilim in the flood of Noah.

Although agreeing in principal (after much debate by email) with my proposed connection between the Watchers and Nephilim of Judeo-Christian tradition and the human driving force behind the Neolithic revolution, which sprang into life overnight in eastern Anatolia (Turkey) and northern Syria around 9500-9000 BC, Ian sees a spiritual dimension to the ancient texts.

In his opinion the story of the Watchers and Nephilim represented the Near Eastern perspective on the destruction of an antediluvian race of high spiritual and karmic background which existed prior to the cataclysms which brought to a close the last Ice Age - their survivors going on to recreate the genesis of human intellect and finally civilisation itself. Yet he does not believe that this earlier race reached a state of high civilisation, purely a superior state of mind. They were a people who possessed a perfect understanding of their spiritual roots, but became obsessed with the material world and progressively lost their awareness. Moreover, it seems that the karmic price they paid for their debasement was annihilation by natural catastrophe, or certainly that was the way that post-diluvian myths and legends portrayed their fall from grace.

Ian also identifies a new site on the Upper Euphrates which he feels exemplifies his view that the proto-Neolithic world of the Near East was not simply a gradual transition from diluvian Palaeolithic man via his intermediary, Mesolithic man. It is Jerf al-Ahmar, a recently discovered site in northern Syria, on which he writes:

Jerf el-Ahmar in Syria has proved to be an arguably even more extensive and sophisticated site [than Nevali Cori, featured in my own book GODS OF EDEN (Headline, 1998), and Gobekli Tepe, featured in my article WALKING WITH SERPENTS, found on The Nephilim official website], with communal and domestic buildings constructed from stone and definitive proof of settled agriculture. I include a number of rarely published pictures of this site, kindly provided by the head of the Franco-Syrian archaeological team, in Genesis Unveiled, which is just as well because it has now been submerged underneath the flood waters of a newly constructed dam. The date of its earliest occupation? 11,500 years ago! And it is quite clear that in this case there is absolutely no precedent or development period for such sophisticated and settled culture in the archaeological record.

Is this all mere coincidence? Or does Jerf el-Ahmar represent the earliest rebuilding by the survivors of the catastrophe? And if so, what does that tell us about the level of culture that existed before it? Of course, it is here that my work and Andys come together, because I would argue that there is a post-catastrophe element to the theme of civilising sages in many of the traditions which has been confused and interwoven with the original antediluvian themes concerning the introduction of the golden age. In this respect I would argue that if, as seems likely, the catastrophe wiped out the majority of the human race and necessitated that the survivors start again pretty much from scratch, it also makes perfect sense that at this point a number of angelic souls incarnated once again to reassert a spiritual worldview for the post-catastrophe epoch. In effect, to give mankind another chance and a fresh start.

In fact it is incredibly confusing to study Judaeo-Christian material about the antediluvian epoch in isolation, and I would argue that the distortions in what are, remember, relatively late works that have been seriously edited, can only be appreciated once we place them in the context of other comparable traditions from around the world. So, for example, in Judaeo-Christian material the fallen angels and perhaps also their offspring the Nephilim are accused of introducing debasement by teaching civilising skills that in all other traditions around the globe are seen as entirely positive. In my view we lift the veil when we realise that a) the original fallen angel theme concerns the angelic souls who incarnated to usher in the golden age - an entirely benign operation that only involved falling to the extent that they fell into incarnation on the physical plane; b) part of the fallen angel theme does accurately reflect the reality of the debasement of the golden race; and c) the introduction of civilisation to mankind by angelic beings is not only related to the onset of the golden age, but also to the postcatastrophe rebuilding and reeducation process.

You can read the rest of this article which is to be found on The Nephilim official website (on-line shortly ). In addition to the subjects already reviewed, Ian Lawtons ground-breaking work concludes that:
· The ancient texts and traditions from around the world contain consistent references to a "golden race" that became debased and was destroyed. These can only be properly interpreted in spiritual terms, as a loss of spiritual roots that had universal karmic consequences.
· The traditions of the supposed "creation" of the original golden race merely reflect the reality of advanced spiritual entities incarnating in human form for the first time, this acting as a spur to human evolution. This is how a spiritual and a scientific worldview can be logically combined.
· The consistent symbolism used in the accounts of the creation of the universe from a "void" that contains the "potential" for all the "forms" in both the ethereal and physical dimensions reveals a previously unsuspected depth of esoteric insight into various "universal truths" in the earliest cultures right across the globe.
· These truths were brought to mankind when the earliest advanced souls incarnated on earth. They have not only been repeatedly reinforced ever since by similar advanced souls who have chosen to reincarnate to assist mankind's development, but are also eternally accessible to any seeker who attempts to reconnect to the universal consciousness by meditative contemplation.
· These truths can be extended to include the concepts of reincarnation and karma; of a framework of ethereal realms inhabited by entities in various stages of karmic advancement; and of the karmic aim of transcending the purely physical world and reuniting with the original source.
· Modern theoretical physics has reconfirmed various postulates that have always formed part of an esoteric worldview: for example, everything is energy; matter is an illusion; everything is interconnected; everything has consciousness; the part is the whole; all time is relative; there are other dimensions; and vibration and harmony rule.
· If the human race of the twenty-first century fails to wake up to these spiritual rather than material and commercial realities en masse, there is every likelihood that universal karma will once again force our hand with mass destruction - just as it did that of our forgotten ancestors.
In order to prove key elements of his thesis, Ian had first to provide convincing scientifically-accepted evidence that consciousness survives the physical death of the body, and that past-lives and reincarnation exist. This was at the insistence of Virgin Books, who have taken a bold step in agreeing to publish such a controversial book. I urge everyone out there to support both them and Ian in this new venture, which, I honestly feel, is the way forward.

Love and LIGHT

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