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What you've just done, is the problem.

January 25 2010 at 7:20 AM
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Dividing things into sides. Vince is not on my side and I am not on his. Neither of us believe in sides.

The disagreement between you and Vince and for you and Vince, I'm not sure why I would be involved or matter.

The disagreement between John and I, is between John and I. You got in the middle and created an issue between you and I. Now I have two disagreements to work out.

The issue between John and I is being resolved. Slowly, but it is moving in a positive direction.

The original issue between you and I was resolved.

The disagreement between you and Vince seems to have created an new disagreement and voided the previous resolution.

And that's the simple dynamic... Enter the protracted issues introduced by everyone else's involvement and it's simple a stew of dysfunctional communication.

Again... There are no "sides". There are only individuals.

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