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What eejits we folks can be!

April 20 2010 at 5:33 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to Sexual Paradox: The Jealous God

Jealousy. Indeed I have been there and done it! No more. I won't allow that particular poison back into my Way.

Yet maybe life needs a bit of experience to learn how to tether jealousy. So I wish for all it's experience and hopefully the ability to tackle and keep it in check!

Ok, a borrow from a self help manual, but's that's cool!

"To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self

IT always comes down to action / reaction. A fun game IF you have a geat sense of happy.gif

I go way with the Messenger who, when talking about sex and expecially the (shhhhh) 'M' word, said:

'No kind of evolution ever took place through denial...'


Wow, no doubt about it. The Bible can be heavy going in places!

The days when some believed The Source was some sort of God in Denial, The Source was / is never that! Go enjoy! I am not the sort of person to feel guilty about enjoying one's self, er, and I mean with all sorts of stuff ( happy.gif) that makes me feel good. When I feel good, I know I can share this with all others.

Remember, ALL is energy and attaction, the juice of LIFE!


"To conclude: All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable"

What a load of Boll***ks! Smile. happy.gifhappy.gif

The root message is that our relationship with God has become a sado-masochistic sexual perversion in the name of paternity uncertainty and fear of female sexual energy, which has, in a variety of forms, infiltrated the spontaneous and good nature of human society, to erect a coercive set of social institutions based on male exploitation, frankly risking the end of the world, and a boom and bust confrontation, which could terminate humanity through its very exploitation.

This leads to alienation, social injustice and a war of defection between social control and criminality. Along with the violent repression of female reproductive choice through a variety of means, in Helen Fisher's words from 'An Anatomy of Love': "public whipping, branding, beating, ostracism, mutilation of genitals, chopping off nose and ears, slashing feet, chopping off one's hips and thighs, divorce, desertion, death by stoning, burning, drowning, choking, shooting, stabbing", and the frank desecration of women in killing the girl child across much of Asia.

Even in our so-called enlightened society, it is signal that the men of this generation are still only beginning to come to terms with how women achieve sexual ecstasy, how to yield to the paradox of this 'divine' feminine force and the challenge to our relationships and social structures female sexuality and the female reproductive investment in continuity and egalitarian networks might bring

Mondo, YOU must have wrote this! It has YOU all over it! happy.gif

Er, stimulating article, brother dear - happy.gif

Love and Wisdom

Know Thyself

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