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That is why you do not get it Vince

May 30 2010 at 3:46 PM
Don  (no login)

Response to Between you and me

I see the American's biggest problem being ...their attitude about themselves and their "glorious country". They glorify their country and glorify their military might. They constantly speak of "serving their country" as some kind of highest calling possible.


That is why you do not get it Vince as you have no value for the rule of law and order. I enjoy your science but your politics really suck. So here are your choices:

Return to the rule of kings and queens
Return to the feudal system
Return to the laws of the Jungle, Darwin and survival of the fittest
Return to the rule of Christian Popes
Give into the rule of Islamic Sharia law where wife beating is permitted
You could return to the courts where if you were Catholic your case was heard.
You could be a slave under Roman rulehow is that for you?

You see YOU have no concept of human history other than what your Boozy school teachers lied to you about and turned your head into mush.

In the short span of about 230 years NO other country, in all of history to date, had such a profound effect on this world for the many goods than the USA. That is a fact Jack and you cannot get out of it, you cannot even lie your way out of it.

The back bone of the USA is it military, and its strong legs is the USA constitution.

You should better ask yourself---what is the best way to deal with heathens, barbarians, and savages of the forest? That is right, put a bullet between their eyes and be done with it seeing we did away with slavery.

Anyone in the services is seen as being somewhat more heroic than a MacDonalds hamburger server.


YEP, you have that right, a USA military person is better than a hamburger flipper. Just like being rich make you better than the stinking poor. YOU do not believe me then go live under a bridge and pick threw other peoples garbage for something to eat. You will say rich is better every time---bet me. The only place people are equal is before the law, in all other things we are not equalGEE that is a USA concept worth fighting over.

You want to say you are no better than a garbage dog poop eater, go for it.

Everything else you have to say is junk liberal garbage. You should stay with science, something that you are good at, and leave world affairs to those that know what they are doing.


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