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Blame Darwin

June 1 2010 at 7:28 AM
Don  (no login)

Response to God bless America ..

Indians have it good. Yep. Just as good as they have it in Canada. A lot of them in jail, a lot of them with alcohol problems, a lot of them marginalized.


Knowing you are a USA hater, a hater of life, where law and order has no respect in your thinking, I would expect you to make such a stupid statement as shown above.

An injun gets drunk dives, and ends up in jail that is because the USA took their land---ha ha ha ha. OH for the good old injun days where cannibalism was just fine if you were hungry, raiding other villages, scalping, wife beating, what happened to all the good times now that the white man has arrived. Where a hot time in an injun village was planning a raiding party on the next tribe over the river. That is better than foot ball on TV, right?

A free society will marginalize the retards, I mean if you are too stupid to NOT know right from wrong then go directly to jail. YOU want free trade as long as your welfare check keeps coming in. That is how convoluted your thinking is.

I not going to argue with you for long Monde, you are not capable of carrying on a conversation where you learn something.

The USA is SOO bad, and its concepts of freedoms, that is why the Muslims went on a killing spree for 1400 years, and ended up in Turkey and slaughtered all who stood in their way. Of course it was the USA that freed the Mediterranean from Islamic pirates in 1784, and on goes the list of evil USA acts.

The 13 colonies were taken from England in a valid war for independence, we bought the land to the Mississippi river from the French, and we bought Alaska from the Russians, and we bought Texas over to southern California from Mexico. Ok so we put a gun to the Mexican presidents head and said sell US Texas, Arizona and southern California for 8 million bucks, or diebut let us not count the small stuff. Main was taken from the English in a valid war against the aggressors, and the north west USA was taken by treaty.

We would have taken Cuba but who wants a land filled with stupid blacks? For sure the USA had plans on the table.

Going by your stupidity Mondo, the north American injuns would still be hunting each other and living in the cave man days. Why not say a fact the injuns were stupid savages that gave way to a higher and better society that happen to be white, half breed Muslims would have done the same and you know it, but whites had the better boats for mass migration to the Americas, and a small things called steel and gun powder.

Perhaps you should look at how Christians are treated in Muslim conquered lands before you judge the USA from your propaganda and liberal BS.

There is NO such thing as an Injun Nation in the Americas before the white man came. It did NOT exist by any stretch of the imagination. You had loosely scattered tribes at war with each other. Rarely was a tribe over 200 people, if you want to call them people. That is about as large as a hunting gathering tribe can get without splitting off. The injuns had no means, or smarts, to do other wise. How did we know that our European diseases would kill off over 2/3rds of their population leaving the land vacant. There was no master plan involved by the USA until the early 18 hundreds. The sub race gave way to the better, so blame Darwin.

We made the injuns a nation by our definition of law and fairness. The injuns did not even have a concept of land ownership, much less being a nation with a central government. Now you can argue that running around naked in woods, grubbing ant hills for dinner, is better than modern society; good then you can move to deep Africa and have at it. I hope you like lions, as they sure love having you over for dinner.


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