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Yes, I do think you are right

September 30 2010 at 4:33 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to Travelling Life's Path

I remember Mondo and myself coming to this very same 'conclusion' some while back.

Dancing alone is fun and exhilarating and one can make up one's own moves, bo SO informal and unconventional. Maybe, just maybe, a dancing partner hampers somewhat?

I do believe at times I am quite guilty of 'fixing' an outcome to a presumed problem just to suit me! Now isn't that a surprise?

Maybe I have this selfishness. I want to Connect via my own own Path. And along the Way I want to know it all! Even, I suppose, the sadness and grief and misery of others. WHy should this gift I seem to have of being and making happiness be so Total? How can it be total when I know someone, something. somewhere is in pain?

There seems to come a point when trying to make a sense just doesn't make sense. One seems to be able to only go so far, then no more. And maybe that is how this experience is meant to be. There have been and will be more such adventures and, hopefully, the soul keeps it's records up to date. happy.gif

I like being alone with Spirit (whatever). I have tried groups but feel hampered by them. Even their most humble requests.

Years back, in the beginning maybe (happy.gif), I used to think to myself, ' I am in this world yet not of it' I disliked it intensely. Then, as years went by, I thought, what a selfish way. I a here for a reason, let's get stuck in. So I did. I was quite a social, outgoing person, and did, not always nice things (looking back) but eventually became a nicer, I hope, person. Oh but the mixing, the sharing, te open arms, the trying to communicate, the desire to put into practice the .we are one', I feel it was my undoing, in a way. Now I see all too clearly, what was printed on this postcard I have had for many years. The lttle kittie's face peeking out from under the fringes of the foot of an armchair. Kitty was saying: I cane, I saw, I went back...happy.gifhappy.gif

I think I am that now. I am going back...somehow. happy.gif

Oh Seoc. always wonderful to hear from you and I cannot be more sincere when I talk to you.

My Love

(Sorry folks, Just all came out...happy.gif)

What is it that generates all things without itself being generated by other things?

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