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October 19 2010 at 11:38 AM

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Response to You need do some gentle yoga back stretches

I have it, it looks interesting but I have not read it yet.

I'm trying some gentle stretches. The "table" is not in my future right now. Cobra is hard enough. Just lying on my tummy is hard. Seems my spasm is pulling me into that "hunched over" position. Oh well .. these things help us appreciate out good health which we enjoy most of the time.

They do come at inopportune times. I have a new client at work that I will be starting with in the next day or two. Other loose ends to tie up. And here I am stuck at home. Movement is slowly returning, but if the past is any indication, the mornings will be the worst.

My first thought when something like this strikes is "Oh, this is going to really mess up my workout routine." Yes, no lifting for a while. Cardio is out of the question. So is power yoga. And most yoga. But a little light stretching and walking the boys should be most helpful.

Anyway -- this health issue is the main reason I am a little quiet on the forums. Sitting for long is difficult. Doing anything for long is most difficult. Moving is difficult. lol.

Love & Light,

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