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October 24 2010 at 8:48 PM

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Response to Polytheism and Human Sacrifice in Early Israelite Religion

From the above (in reference to Child Sacrifice practices by Early Israelite Religion):

Wouldn't most Christians and Jews find this shocking?

Of course, and rightly so. It is shocking. I was shocked. But what I find even more shocking is the fact that some believers go to such great lengths to try to defend these genocides and moral atrocities. The same people who preach against the evils of abortion in the name of absolute, objective morality throw their absolute, objective morality out the window in order to defend the child-murders of an ancient tribe who thought they were doing the will of God. That's whats most shocking to me.

Absolutely, and amen. Absolute objective morality of the religious apologist, is like unto the conditional love of a God that condemns the majority of creation.

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