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Heres a funny one when I was a Techician

March 19 2011 at 3:27 PM
Tim  (no login)

Response to One wonders

Reminds me of when I was a Technician at SCIMED Life Systems and I had to cover for another Technician and do maintenance to a station were they use a Dremal to clean and buff Hypo Tubes with alcohol to make heart catheters. And I needed to clean out the Dremal with alcohol, and when I was done I simply turned on the Dremal to make sure it was working fine and POOF! FLAMES and the work station had alcohol socked towels on it and they caught on fire right away also! My boss was standing near by and I said Gary! Fire! And he looked and just ran though the building down the halls in a panic! wink.gif LOL .. Then I told one of the prediction people to grab the fire extinguisher next to them and put out the fire. There was about 50 predation people in there too. Then the Tech who I was covering for said, "you forgot to blow the alcohol out of the Dremal didn't you".... And I'm like da!

Other Engineers in there offices said; "I saw Gary go running by twice flailing his hands, what was going on?" LOL


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